Don´t Do It!

We are nearing the start of a new year and my Facebook and IG feed is filled with gyms offering gym memberships 50-70% off if you sign up now.

As a consumer, I personally would find it hard to then later pay 50-70% more for the same service once this deal is over. Why? You just showed me the value of your service was significantly less.


As a gym owner myself and certified Two Brain Business mentor my desire is to see the industry do better.

If you own a business (gym or otherwise) stop devaluing your services. People want results and in my experience they will pay a premium price to get those results.

If you are discounting everything to draw people in it directly affects the ability to pay professionals to deliver your services. As a consumer – I want a professional and I want results.

I own a gym and I have always been paying a premium for my own coaching as well. So that I can get the results I desire.

I always ask to pay when I visit other gyms, because I know how hard we work as owners and I understand the value of our businesses.


Gymowners are the real super heroes in the fitness industry. We take the biggest risks and do the most sacrifices.

Don´t Do It

If you are struggling financially, discounts is NOT the right way to go. All the money you are losing from doing discounts could be invested in mentorship and in coming to events like Coaches Congress.

Learn why some gym never have to do discounts. Make progress as a business owner, stop thinking that you ”have to” do discounts whenever times are hard.


If you’re looking for the best and cheapest. You’ll get one and not the other.


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