We don´t have enough members

The most common struggles that I talk to gymowners about are versions of the following theme “We don´t have/get enough members” and it´s connected to revenue of course. Struggling gymowners who reach out to me need more money…

  • There are no members signing up
  • There are too many members leaving
  • The members we do have are not paying enough


One of the first things I ask, and look into, is the social media of that gym. Are they telling stories? Are the explaining processes and services? Are they educating?

The answer is, almost a 100% of the time, a very sad NO

My friends, you need to post on social media MORE than once a day. You need to tell ALL the stories about your members and the results they are getting. You need to be in front of the camera yourself and explain what you do and why in your gym.

  • “Here is Lisa, she has been with us for 60 days now. Listen to what she has to say”
  • “Hi, my name is XX and I am a coach here at CF 162 West, our PT-sessions look like this”
  • “We know that it might be scary starting at a new gym, that is why we always do a No Sweat Intro, a No Sweat Intro is…”
  • “Our classes follow a basic pattern, here is what it looks like…”

This kind of communication need to be done consistently. NEVER assume that people already know, not even your members. NEVER assume that people get fed up with your posts on social media.

Audit your media

I want you to take a look at your social media the last 14 days. Do you really “deserve” new clients, based on your efforts on social media?

THIS, my friends, is why business owners, and coaches, need to come to events such as Coaches Congress. We need inspiration and some kicks in the butt. The Return On Investment, from attending and from starting to do MORE and BETTER is tenfold!

Bring your team to the Coaches Congress and 10x your business” I would like to tell that story about you and your gym 🙂


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