Investing in your team

Are you getting the most out of your team?

I am doing an education with 12 coaches, from norwegian and swedish gyms this year. It´s a 6 month project where we go through some of the basics around running a gym and working in a gym

  • Designing a client journey
  • Understanding the prescriptive model
  • How to build an audience
  • How to get better retention
  • Pricing and packaging
  • Knowing your client avatar

Obviously, an owner needs to be on top of these things and understand how they all are crucial in building a solid business. But imagine when your staff are on top of it too!

What I am doing in this education is I am helping the owners to speed up their process. The small investment that the owners are doing in their staff members will return tenfold. I am saying this about my own education, I know, but I am very confident about the value in this small course.

On our last call, we do Zoom-calls every month around the six topics I mentioned above, we talked about the prescriptive model and what that really is.

  • When coaches understand how important it is to accept the role as the expert, then it makes sense to them why we want to be doing No Sweat Intros and Goal Reviews.
  • When they understand the importance of that, it makes sense to them why we want to stick to our templates and ask a certain set of questions.

No Sweat Intros and Goal Reviews go from ”a nice chit chat” to a professional consultation where we ask questions and listen for information, so we can end up giving our best possible advice. That is what being prescriptive is all about. Being the expert!

Being prescriptive is a game changer for a business. And for the client!

This is just one example of an area where you need to educate yourself and your staff. Most owners don´t have the time, energy or the knowledge to educate staff so we end up stagnating.

What´s your plan?

You need to have a plan for growing your team. You need to put them through more learning that is not just about coaching.

At Coaches Congress, we help coaches learn more about both. There are workshops that will help them become better coaches and there are presentations that will help them become better staff members.

The gift of Growth

Give yourself, and your team, the gift of knowledge and growth.

  • What if one or two of your staff members had better knowledge of the things I`ve written about today?
  • What if your whole team got a little bit better, and more motivated, to sell Personal Training in your gym?
  • What if your nutrition coach picks up just ONE great idea from the presenters and therefore get ONE more client every month?

It doesn´t take much to get return on investment from an education or an event, if you make a plan. Do you need help making a plan for the Coaches Congress? Reach out and I will help.


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