We Fix Businesses

Someone asked me the other day what Coaches Congress is all about. People also give their own feedback about Coaches Congress and what it´s worth to them.

  • Helping owners and coaches grow as leaders
  • Helping gyms survive
  • Creating connections
  • Building relationships
  • Sharing knowledge

There are so many things. But something that really sums it up well, if you ask me, is that Coaches Congress do this: “We Fix Businesses

All the connections you can get at Coaches Congress is going to help you learn and improve. As Cristiano Starling said in his video, you get access to other people and their network

  • New input and knowledge gives motivation and inspiration to coaches, those coaches are then going to do an even better job in the gym.
  • Owners will learn more about leadership and about what systems and models they could put in place if they want a more effectice business
  • Sponsors and exhibitors get access to their most important audience, coaches and owners that are experts

Where else can you go to find all this in the same place?

We Fix Businesses!



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