How I met Chris Cooper

How I met Chris Cooper

One of the most important things in life is probably who you know.

Ivy league schools, reputable MBA programs and golf clubs are more about its people than the content of their programs.

If you look at the German start-up incubator Rocket Internet Group, almost all the founders in each start up, back in the days, all came from the same school outside of Cologne. If you look at c-suite bank employees in Germany, Switzerland and Austria they all come from St Gallen University. 

In these schools they make sure you get to know the right people. The schools even set you up with mentors who are in leadership roles at different corporations.

They know that the real value is in the network they provide.

Back in 2018 I came across Chris Cooper on the CrossFit Podcast by Sevan Matossian. I immediately reached out to Coop and asked if he could join my podcast for an interview. I never thought he would reply or consider to join. 

So I was blown away happy when he then agreed on scheduling a call. This was pre-zoom era and I recall Chris even did the recording because our recording software did not work.

2019 I then went to my first Coaches Congress and I did not have any particular expectations, but that weekend got me fired up.

I then also got the chance to meet many interesting people live and one of them was Coop. 

We talked several times over the weekend and after that event I went back home and got to work. 

Within a couple months we were able to increase our revenue with 5000-6000€ per month.

Fast forward to 2023 I am now a part of the world best mentoring business Two-Brain Business and I also facilitate Coaches Congress Berlin.

I did not go to an ivy league school but I went to Coaches Congress and the network of people still changes my life.



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