Who is your avatar?

Who is your client avatar?

 can watch Tia-Claire Toomey, Annie Thorisdottir and Laura Horwath all day long and by amazed and impressed their character and physique. 

However most women in their 35-45 are intimidated and scared and many are afraid of all that. It is far outside what they are used to see.

We see this everyday. We adore many of these athletes because we know they work hard and are often very nice people.

But look around in your gyms. 

Who are the clients that you enjoy coaching the most, who are the ones that need your help, who do you want to serve?

Usually the typical new member is closer to 40 and has not trained in a while. 


Look around outside your gyms. 

What kind of people do you want to attract to your gym?

Are you using the right type of pictures and videos that these people can relate to?

Think about it.

You are 45 years old. You are overweight. You are highly stressed. You know your nutrition is suboptimal. You are ashamed of showing your body. Even to your partner.

You see videos of people doing muscle-ups running without t-shirts with bouncing muscle titties and maybe a 2000kg barbell flying over the head.


You see a person 45 years old doing a high-five, laughing and with a story attached to it. “My name is Susy and I lost 10kg with the help of my coach”.

Which gym will this avatar go for?

All gyms chose their perfect client and avatar. The important thing is to know who you serve and create a communication that your avatar can relate to.



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