Mindset of Entrepreneurs

Last post I wrote was about doing million euro decisions to guide away from small unimportant shiny objects and distractions.

Mindset for an entrepreneur is possibly more important than current economic trends. 

It is easy to be reactive and focus on what is happening in the news and blame when things don’t go in the right way on the government, members or staff.

Guiding your company by principles will make you move at a faster pace and avoid getting bogged down in micro-management of lower value tasks. 

During the lockdowns in Germany I many times got frustrated but my guiding principles were to keep helping my clients, don’t rely on government programs, pay myself and keep my staff engaged.

One of the most important guiding principles I think there is, is to surround yourself with people that know more than me. And this helped my during those periods of frustration in things I could not change, and instead focus on the things I could control.

A guiding principle that brought me there was to spend more time with people that know more than me.

If I get opportunities to meet and see people that have more experience than me, I prioritise spending time with those people.

This is also what guides me with Coaches Congress. For selfish reasons I want to get speakers, vendors and visitors to come so I can learn. 

It is not about who has the most members, or who has the biggest gym or even who is making the most money. It is about the combined knowledge of all the visitors that is the real asset. 

This is why I want YOU to come to, so I can learn from you but also so you can go home with a new mindset that will change your future. At the end, your success is totally dependent on the mindset you have. 

For me a total mystery how you cannot take that opportunity. 

/ Rickard

Ps. If you think anything should be added or maybe any reflections from your side,  feel free to reach out to me at rickard(at)escapist crossfit.com


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