The gyms that have 1000€ members

”It’s impossible” 

“Nobody would pay that”

“I would never pay that”

“But what should I do?”

These are common objections I hear from gym owners when I ask them if they have any members paying more than 1000€ a month for their membership.

Here is to overcome them.

”It’s impossible” 

Most likely you have not tried. Start with asking every new lead if they prefer group or PT. 

If they want to do PT offer them 12xMonth (12x your hourly rate) which may be 1200€. Remember no discounts. It is that simple.

When I started my gym I was doing the calculations everyone does. 200 members at 100€. But then I remember we asked ourselves. What if we would have 20 members that paid 1000€ each. It felt crazy but fast forward a couple of years and we had our first members paying more than 1000€ per month.

“Nobody would pay that”

In almost any town, no matter which country or size there is always some people that have a bigger problem than money. That is time. For them it is more important to know they have a secure plan with a great trainer.

The founder of CrossFit, Greg Glassman, built his empire thanks to a client who paid him to come to his basement and be ready doing a workout.

Often the client never showed up, so Glassman started writing the journal which later became the L1 which now has changed the world.

The client still saw results and was a big fan and later on even paid for Glassmans first CrossFit location. 

“I would never pay that”

It is true. Many coaches have never paid for real coaching so they don’t have the experience of how good it is.

At the same time many coaches cannot afford a good coach themselves. That is ok.

The thing is you are not your best client and should rather reevaluate who your client avatar should be.

Remember there are tons of stuff you would not pay for but others would love to pay for a great coach.

“But what should I do?”

I know for many gyms it is awkward and strange and they often don’t know where to start.

The simple action is to tell people you do it. You don’t have to display prices on the homepage but just post about how you know offer that.

Second when new clients approach you simply ask them what they prefer (not you) and make a plan based on their goals.

I cannot even keep track of how many members came to us where I thought “she wants to do group” and the person then tells me they want to do some months of personal training to start.

If you don’t like personal training yourself, this can be a great option for one of your coaches or an opportunity to hire a coach who loves it.

How to pay for that coach we have written about on this blog before.

Come to Coaches Congress and meet the gyms that do this and you will save yourself a lot of trouble and questions.



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