I need more members

“Business is good but I need more members”

Most gyms I meet say they need more members and I want to share some tools to get more members.


First things first

Before we start adding more members to the gym we want to to know what the average member is paying. You calculate this simply taking your total revenue divided on all client. 

Example (10k€/100 clients = 100€ ARM). 

If your ARM is below 100€ your main priority is to get this number up. There are many ways to do this.

New clients that join the gym should contribute to raising the ARM and this is usually the simplest way to start increasing your ARM. 


Are you a leaky bucket?

Second before we add more members to your gym we need to know that they stay. 

More members will not help if they just walk out the backdoor.

This is when systems come in. Having a good onboarding system and client journey on place will instantly make a difference to your retention.


Now, it is time to evaluate how many new members you can onboard and take care off. What many gym owners soon realize is, when their ARM goes up they don’t need to chase crazy high numbers. For some gyms it is more about consistently adding a net 5 members per month (sometimes lower) and have a steady growth for 12 months. That is already 60 more in a year. If your ARM is 200€ it would be an extra 12000€ in monthly revenue.


A simple ask

The easiest way to get more members is not via adds but by calling former members and ask them if they want to come back. I had one member that used to pay 99€/m come back doing PTs paying 660€/m. 

Then I would look at my member list and see who might have a partner, business or kid that would like to join the gym. A quick call can quickly give an answer. Within 60min you might have 5 new members coming in.

All it takes is to do a simple ask. 

If you want know more about gaining members feel free to reach out to me.




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