Take Action On The Content

You NEED to be creating content!

As gymowners and coaches, it is very easy to underestimate our knowledge and to overestimate others people´s knowledge. Some of the things that we consider basic knowledge is perhaps not known at all to many of our potential clients. That is why  content creation is so valuable for you as on owner and that is also why you should stop trying to overdo it all the time!

As the founder of Coaches Congress, and as a mentor in Two Brain Business, , I often talk to gym owners who want to get more clients through their doors. One of the best, and most important strategies, is to publish more content and establish expertise in your area. Every gymowner “knows” this and claim to understand it but so many of them hesitate to publish, prioritate other things or claim to struggle in doing it. There are so many excuses…

  • I don´t have a good enough camera so I can´t publish films or photos
  • I don´t know HOW to write so I always get stuck
  • I don´t know WHAT to write so I always get stuck
  • I don´t know enough to post, there are so many other experts out there that write better stuff
  • I can´t find the time
  • My dog ate my computer…😉
  • I don´t get any leads from it anyway so what´s the point?

The thing is;

It will always be hard until you start doing it.

There will always be someone posting more advanced stuff than you

Some of your content will always be “to basic” for someone and “to advanced” for someone else

It will always be easy “being busy being busy” so you need to plan your days and what to focus on

Establishing expertise is always going to be “playing the long game” and you never know when that will give you a new client

Just as with training, you need to START in order to be able to get better. How come it´s so easy saying things like this to your clients but so hard following your own advice? As a gymowner and coach, you must have had TONS of questions from clients, coaches, friends etc around training, fitness, health, nutrition, habits, weight loss, injuries and much more?

Every question could be the start of a new text or a new film. If you hear members talking about struggles, create content around it that will help. If you know that people struggle with finding the time to workout, ask some of your motivated members how THEY do and share their advice. You are the provider of solutions.

Alternative cost

The cost of NOT publishing more on media platforms can hardly be measured! Even if being active on social media “only” give you one more client per month, that is twelve clients per year.

How many years have you been running your gym? You do the math on that…

Your gym should be visible on social media EVERY DAY!

At least one post per day, but preferably more. Yes, you read that right. But I will let you start slow, one post per day is enough for now 😊

Don´t overdo it, just start publishing!

What could you write about, or make a video about, today?



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