Investing in your team

As a gymowner myself, I have found nothing that has been a MORE valuable investment than mentorship.
Mentorship has saved our gyms. Mentorship has given us direction and accountablity and ensured we have stayed on track.

Before mentorship, all the stupid shit we did with my first gym cost us HUNDREDS of thousands! I am not making that up unfortunately.

Full transparency, I am a mentor myself nowadays but to me, that just goes to prove how much I believe in it

Staff members

Mentorship is for owners though, what would you do for your staff? Where do you send them to improve and to find motivation?

From the feedback we get from our events, the answer is clear, you bring them to events like the Coaches Congress.
ALL of the owners we talk to, who bring staff to the Coaches Congress, say the same things.

”My team is so more motivated now, they are crushing it”

”They needed to hear someone else say the things I have been saying, now they understand”

”My coach listened to XX-presentation and have already sold more PT than ever before”

”We took part on the workshop and now we have built our own program finally”

You need to invest in yourself and as importantly you need to invest in your team. You need to facilitate learning and networking. Coaches sometime need to hear other coaches say that ”this thing works” in order to really believe 😊

Our coaches tickets are really priceworthy, there is not much you need to do in order to get return on investment.

Your choice now, invest in your team or let everything stay the same


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