Meet KingsBox – a young, passionate, and innovative company from Europe. Since 2015 we have followed our vision to create a world where every single one of us is equipped to reach our full potential. We are one of the fastest-growing strength equipment manufacturers in Europe. We are known for our beautifully designed custom equipment and our famous collaborations.

KingsBox is most recognizable by steel structures and functional equipment completely made in Europe. Our engineering and production team are based in Europe, therefore we can produce 80 % of the equipment here. This means that we can fully customize the functional gyms of any client, and produce the sports equipment very fast. We have equipped functional gyms in more that 35 countries in Europe.

The specialty of our team is the drive, to make the equipment more functional. That’s how we came up with the idea for the Mad series, which includes three plate-loaded machines that are an excellent advantage of any functional gym.

Our values are bringing innovative ideas to life, and are changing the fitness industry by designing functional products which the fitness world has yet to see.

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