Northern Spirit

North is no longer a place. It doesn’t indicate a purpose. It’s a guide, a direction to follow. From all corners of the world, North is the way to guide us. It’s a path, a form of guidance. For millennia, men and women have been guided by the stars to move forward, evolve and show the way.

Northern Spirit was born in 2013 in Sweden and owes its name to the film Northern Spirit, by Nikolaj Rønnow, which shows CrossFit® scenes in Denmark.

Who are we?

Northern Spirit is a brand that creates innovative, design and responsible clothing for Functional Training athletes, but not only… Whether for men or women, the design is sleek and the colors bright. Above all, we favor the creation of clothing with character, those that are best able to transmit the Functional Fitness philosophy.

Whether you’re on the street, in the gym, at home, in a warehouse, in the city or in the mountains; our clothes will make you jump higher, run faster, lift heavier, row faster, but above all smile even during your toughest workouts.

What values?

Functional Training is a difficult and demanding sport, but it’s also an activity full of joy, camaraderie and humor, and that’s what we want to express with our clothes.

Leading the way and acting responsibly are missions that are close to our hearts. We must lead by example and guide our community towards more responsible consumption. Our clothes are imagined, created and designed in France, in Lyon more precisely. The collections are made in Portugal with fabric produced in Italy. Accessories and packaging (labels, zippers, cords, plastic packaging, etc.) are also sourced in Europe.

From now, you have the choice. The choice to wear clothes while demonstrating your own values and commitments. The choice to act for the planet. The choice to move better. BUY LESS, CHOOSE WELL, MAKE IT LAST

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