OPEX Fitness

OPEX Fitness is the education provider for coaches seeking career success, longevity, and fulfillment. Our mission is to bring honor back to the coaching profession. Through our coaching education and our Gym Licensing Program, we provide coaches with the tools needed to professionalize their passion. The OPEX Coaching Certificate Program (CCP) has been curated for over 25 years by founder, James Fitzgerald, and is set-apart by providing comprehensive coaching theory as well as practical application of its principles.



OPEX Gyms are the brick and mortar reality of our methodologies. These gyms create an environment for OPEX Coaches to deliver an individually designed fitness experience that will be the foundation of success for both the coach and client.

We believe that coaches are critical to the thread of a community because they strengthen, empower, challenge, and help progress the people around them. Coaches have the ability to play a pivotal role in all of society, and that is a big responsibility. OPEX Fitness was built to take our beliefs of coaching and help both coaches and clients experience a more fulfilling and impactful life with fitness as the medium of their successes.

OPEX Fitness strives to “Inspire people to live larger lives through fitness.” Those aren’t just words. It is our core ethos, and what built OPEX Fitness and the thousands of coaches and clients we’ve had the privilege to work with.


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