Name: Nick Reyes

Phone: 1- (310) 956.1533

PushPress is a full-stack suite of software that helps thousands of gym owners around the world build wildly-successful businesses.

Founded by gym owners with more than 100 years of combined ownership experience, PushPress is a fitness business management software platform that helps you build your business, not just manage it. With automated member billing, coach and class scheduling, third-party integrations, and a suite of marketing and sales tools, our full stack of systems helps you focus on what’s important: Growing your business and helping your members.

Today’s gym owners simply don’t have enough time. With the incredible amount of behind-the-scenes work that goes into running a successful fitness business – from janitorial tasks to sales and marketing to managing staff and customers – owners need a gym management tool that gives them back their time.

PushPress has built a groundbreaking platform that alleviates many of those tasks and runs your gym for you, with outcomes better than if you tried to do it all yourself. Our software grows with your business by providing plug-ins and integrations to take your gym to the next level – at your pace.

“Dominate Your Day” is the mantra that guides our team and customer service. It means giving gym owners the freedom and flexibility to choose how to spend their day without worrying about running their back-end operations.

PushPress saves time by automating many of the tasks that previously took hours per month. Updating member billing information, coordinating coach scheduling, checking members into class and onboarding new members can now be done with just a few clicks.

We are committed to pushing the envelope in the fitness industry and helping fitness businesses grow and succeed. Welcome to the future of gym ownership.

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