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Since 1999, The Brand X Method has been driven by a single question: What is best for kids? From its start as a strength-and-conditioning program designed to train kids and teens effectively and safely, The Brand X Method has evolved into a comprehensive youth athletic development program designed to provide kids with the skills, tools, and knowledge to move through life with freedom and fearlessness.

Brand X is a robust, empirically driven method that addresses not only primal and functional movement patterns with an age-appropriate mechanical emphasis but also the full biopsychosocial spectrum of youth development.

What we offer

Professional Youth Coaching Certification and Education

Recognized for Continuing Education Units by NASM, AFAA Fitness Australia and ASCA

PYCC brings together The Brand X Method’s most significant elements and then elaborates on the theory and practice behind our proven techniques for teaching movement, enhancing physical literacy, and developing enduring athleticism, freedom and fearlessness in youth.

The industry’s premier youth training education and certification teaches the principles of a sound youth training program with youth specific material on anatomy and physiology, energy systems and the importance of play with respect to mental health and social well-being, a biopsychosocial model of youth development, and more.

Enrollment in PYCC comes with one month of paid access to Youth Coach Pro where the hundreds of movement coaching and cueing videos and class structure and implementation information are found. In addition, Youth Coach Pro is an ever-expanding continuing education resource and a unique way to maintain certification through quarterly delivery of comprehensive new content on implementation, movement, pertinent youth topics, youth business, news and research.

This take at your own pace, online course is designed to put trainers on track to become professional youth coaches with a comprehensive exploration of a variety of relevant topics that apply to youth in today’s world.


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