Growing your team

I have been in many conversations about staff lately. There is a lot of talks and questions about GMs for instance. How to pay GMs, how to set up their […]

The gyms that have 1000€ members

”It’s impossible” “Nobody would pay that” “I would never pay that” “But what should I do?” These are common objections I hear from gym owners when I ask them if […]

Mindset of Entrepreneurs

Last post I wrote was about doing million euro decisions to guide away from small unimportant shiny objects and distractions. Mindset for an entrepreneur is possibly more important than current […]

1 Million Euro Decisions

Most coaches and gym owners never start their business because they thought they would be rich. It is usually the passion to help people that motivates and who has not […]

Investing in your team

Are you getting the most out of your team? I am doing an education with 12 coaches, from norwegian and swedish gyms this year. It´s a 6 month project where […]

Coaching your coaches

I believe that the more strategic and the more important role a person has in your business, the more coaching they need from you. It also makes sense to me to spend time and effort on staff members that wants more than just group coaching.

Prejudices are stopping your growth

We are doing ourselves a disservice if we let prejudices govern our acts and thoughts. Be open minded and try to have a beginner´s mindset and you will be a better leader for it. Base your decisions more on data and facts than on opinion and feeling.

Opportunity Cost

The opportunity cost of not working out is massive and we all understand that, but do you understand, and are you ready to accept the opportunity cost of never going anywhere to get new input that will challenge, motivate and help you?

Finding The Spark

Whether you are a struggling business owner or your business is booming, there will always be value for you and your staff at events like Coaches Congress. You just have to learn to watch for it and to plan for it. 

You Should Be On Vacation Now

being a business owner also means that you should accept the responsibility to build a solid business. A business that would survive without your constant overwatch.