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Andreas Askeland

Andreas started CrossFit Verftet as a 21-year-old. He worked simultaneously offshore for the first 4 years before he quit his job to raise jet fuel for the company. This was at the end of 2019 when covid hit at the start of 2020. In the covid period, Verftet grew in revenue by 143.29% where their goal for the future is further growth of 143.36% by 2026 with a revenue of close to 12 million NOK.

Andreas has a big passion for the CrossFit methodology, with passion also comes loyalty to what CrossFit stands for and what it has done for him personally. He holds Verftet as true to CrossFit as possible. Personally, he is a person who works extremely hard where work weeks vary from 60 to 100 hours with a focus on maximizing productivity. With this all-in effort, he has a great team that is held to a tremendously high standard to produce extraordinary results. Life is short so you might as well do your best.


The topic for CC2023: “Earth’s best place to get, and stay fit”

  • What does it take to make customers love your service and products?
  • How do you create real value for your customers?
  • How do you build a team to pursue high-achieving goals?
  • Be world-class in group classes or pursue other markets?

These are some questions that have been on my mind a lot over the last 7 + years and I am excited to share some simple secrets to answer these questions. CrossFit Verftet is different, for example, we do not value the perfect avatar, and we do not force personal training with a story that this is the only way to stay safe in group classes. Verftet does a lot of stuff differently than the “normal CrossFit Box”, which we believe is the best way to serve our boss, the customer.