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Dan Uyemura


Dan left a 12-year tech engineering career to open a CrossFit gym in 2010 and never looked back. While setting up his gym he realized the massive need for modernization of the software tools that supported boutique fitness studios.This combination of technical experience and boots-on-ground gym ownership lead to the birth of PushPress – a modern gym operating system.

Over the next decade plus, he simultaneously built multiple successful gyms while growing PushPress to be an industry leading tech solution for other boutique fitness owners. Dan is fanatical about his love and support for gym owners. He strongly believes that business growth needs to be viewed as an output. The inputs that drive your business outcomes all center around the intensity and focus placed on your customer pains and outcomes.

Seminar: ‘Your North Star Metric: The winning formula to align your business, your coaches, and your customers’

Dan will talk about a key metric that we’ve evaluated as critical to the performance of a gym based on what we see from thousands of gyms and their members. It will also align with our approach at PushPress which is different from other venture-backed companies. As a CEO of a funded company in this space and former gym owner, Dan is uniquely qualified to talk about this subject.