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Erik Blomberg

Erik is the CEO of Eleiko, a family-owned and Sweden-based leading company offering strength training equipment and education to the professional sports, commercial fitness and military markets. Erik has a MSc from the Stockholm School of Economics with supplementing studies at The Kenan-Flagler Business School of Economics and Stanford Graduate School of Business. Erik has previously worked at the investment banking division at Citigroup Global Markets and at a UK-based private equity firm, LangholmCapital, in London. Erik enjoys a variety of sports in his spare time including weightlifting, running, cycling, swimming and hiking.

Erik will talk about how you can make sense of the increased uncertainty that face businesses today. How can you improve your strategy by building resilience that allows you to better withstand unforeseen negative events, but also makes you better equipped to take advantage of opportunities that arise in more uncertainty. He will combine a macroeconomic, thematic approach to strategizing with a practical, hands-on philosophy around execution including thoughts on leadership, organization, innovation, resource allocation and corporate culture.

Erik will draw from his 10 years background as CEO of family-owned Eleiko during which the company has grown by more than sixfold, along with several years working within the investment banking and private equity industry in London.