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Mark Fawzy


Mark Fawzy is a passionate entrepreneur and CEO of Octiv, a global gym management software company.

His passion for entrepreneurship and the fitness industry led him to launch Octiv in 2015. Under Mark’s leadership, Octiv has become a game-changer in the boutique fitness industry, digitising and formalising gym management processes and providing gym owners with a complete solution for managing their businesses. Octiv now serves over 700 gyms in over 27 countries.

Mark’s success in securing funding for Octiv from Knife Capital is a testament to his leadership and the potential of Octiv. He has also built a fantastic working environment where employees thrive, which has resulted in a dedicated team that is passionate about the product and the company.

Mark is a true innovator in the tech and fitness industries and a role model for aspiring entrepreneurs. He continues to push boundaries and find new ways to transform the fitness industry through Octiv Fitness.