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After spending 15 years in corporate banking Oskar decided he wanted to make the world a better place for his daughter to grow up in. Making the world fitter and healthier was the only option for him.

He and Kalle Solberg opened CrossFit Medis in 2014 and in 2020 they opened CrossFit Sickla. They will in 10 years operate 11 locations where they fundamentally improve the health and quality of life of 3,000 members and their families.

To fulfill the promise to his daughter, Oskar realized he would need the help of others make the world a better place faster. He therefore became a CrossFit Seminar Staff member as well as a Two-Brain Business Mentor in 2017.

He is extremely thankful to:

  • the well over 1,000 L1 and L2 participants he had the honor of training who are making humans fitter every day.
  • the scores of mentee gym owners who are creating meaningful careers for trainers and supporting communities for their members.


Seminar Topic: Improvement through evaluation

Why do you stagnate? Why do you stop evolving?

Many coaches find it hard to improve their skills on their own. It’s hard to evaluate yourself while you are focused on coaching your clients. Sometimes this leads to frustration and a feeling of not delivering at the top of your ability.

We will provide you with the framework that has helped us develop a team with 50% of Swedens L3 CrossFit Trainers. You will have the tools and strategies to deliver better coaching year after year. You will get inspired to level up your game and become an even better coach. If you grow as a coach your clients will see better results and you will get both mentally and financially rewarded.