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Sean Buck

Sean Buck has a diverse career from United States Marine, tech and software consulting, helping launch a new sport GRID, gym owner, and even founder and leader of a wellness company creating CBD products. His current focus is to help Nathan Holliday run the day to day operations of Level Method so we can impact more gyms success, which in turn impacts more people achieving their health goals than ever before.

Sean has been a public speaker at many conferences from catering to the corporate world, tech conferences, and fitness conferences. His diverse background in many industries from financial to health care, give him a well rounded perspective on helping small businesses grow.


Seminar: 3 factors for your business to thrive in any economy

The overwhelm and complexity of being a gym owner is real! What if we told you there are 3 key factors you need to FOCUS on. If you excel at these 3 key factors, you will have a thriving business in any economy.

It’s easy to get caught up in the shiny new objects being advertised to help your gym succeed. But there is no magic fix. Sure there are things that will amplify your success, but not if you don’t have the foundation of these 3 key factors you need to be delivering on.

How does your current business measure up?  We’ll give you a tool for you to evaluate yourself in these 3 areas in this interactive session. You’ll leave not only with the knowledge of these three factors, but understand clearly what next steps you will need to improve your business NOW.