You should be progressing!

In this text, I am going to tell you that you need to have the same approach to being a business owner as you have to your fitness. You should […]

Investing in your team

As a gymowner myself, I have found nothing that has been a MORE valuable investment than mentorship.Mentorship has saved our gyms. Mentorship has given us direction and accountablity and ensured […]

Mindset of Entrepreneurs

Last post I wrote was about doing million euro decisions to guide away from small unimportant shiny objects and distractions. Mindset for an entrepreneur is possibly more important than current […]

We Fix Businesses

Someone asked me the other day what Coaches Congress is all about. People also give their own feedback about Coaches Congress and what it´s worth to them. Helping owners and […]

Curiosity Killed The Cat but It Will Help You!

There are two very common reactions when people listen to presentations or attend workshops; Looking for affirmation. You want the presenter to talk about things that you are already doing […]

We don´t have enough members

The most common struggles that I talk to gymowners about are versions of the following theme “We don´t have/get enough members” and it´s connected to revenue of course. Struggling gymowners who […]

You need a Tribe

We are building a TRIBE! We are creating a network for you and with you. You are free to join us and take the next step in your coaching or entrepreneurial journey. Don´t miss out, come and join our next event in Stockholm, 28-30 April 2023

Gymägardagboken: Rutiner och manualer

I veckans filmklipp handlar det om rutiner och manualer. Vi kallar dem SOP:er från engelskans “Standard Operating Procedures”. När saker och ting dokumenteras och standardiseras är det lättare för alla […]

“Not in it for the money”

Have you ever looked down at a construction worker for doing his job for money? Did you ever spend a thought about whether a car mechanic has got some sort […]