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Who is your avatar?

Who is your client avatar?  can watch Tia-Claire Toomey, Annie Thorisdottir and Laura Horwath all day long and by amazed and impressed their character and

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How I met Chris Cooper

How I met Chris Cooper One of the most important things in life is probably who you know. Ivy league schools, reputable MBA programs and

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We Fix Businesses

Someone asked me the other day what Coaches Congress is all about. People also give their own feedback about Coaches Congress and what it´s worth to them. Helping owners and coaches grow as leaders Helping gyms survive Creating connections Building relationships Sharing knowledge There are so many things. But something

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Curiosity Killed The Cat but It Will Help You!

There are two very common reactions when people listen to presentations or attend workshops; Looking for affirmation. You want the presenter to talk about things that you are already doing so that you can get your knowledge or your processes affirmed. ”That was a great presentation! I feel that we

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1 Million Euro Decisions

Most coaches and gym owners never start their business because they thought they would be rich. It is usually the passion to help people that motivates and who has not heard “I love this so much I would do it for free”. So, what many gym owners and coaches do

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Investing in your team

Are you getting the most out of your team? I am doing an education with 12 coaches, from norwegian and swedish gyms this year. It´s a 6 month project where we go through some of the basics around running a gym and working in a gym Designing a client journey

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We don´t have enough members

The most common struggles that I talk to gymowners about are versions of the following theme “We don´t have/get enough members” and it´s connected to revenue of course. Struggling gymowners who reach out to me need more money… There are no members signing up There are too many members leaving The

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Don´t Do It!

We are nearing the start of a new year and my Facebook and IG feed is filled with gyms offering gym memberships 50-70% off if

Coaching your coaches

I believe that the more strategic and the more important role a person has in your business, the more coaching they need from you. It also makes sense to me to spend time and effort on staff members that wants more than just group coaching.

You have to ask for it

You have to tell people how they would benefit from doing business with you. You have to tell them, and tell them often, what you are doing to solve their problems. Who else is better suited, than you and your staff, to do that?

Prejudices are stopping your growth

We are doing ourselves a disservice if we let prejudices govern our acts and thoughts. Be open minded and try to have a beginner´s mindset and you will be a better leader for it. Base your decisions more on data and facts than on opinion and feeling.

Opportunity Cost

The opportunity cost of not working out is massive and we all understand that, but do you understand, and are you ready to accept the opportunity cost of never going anywhere to get new input that will challenge, motivate and help you?

Finding The Spark

Whether you are a struggling business owner or your business is booming, there will always be value for you and your staff at events like Coaches Congress. You just have to learn to watch for it and to plan for it. 

You need a Tribe

We are building a TRIBE! We are creating a network for you and with you. You are free to join us and take the next step in your coaching or entrepreneurial journey. Don´t miss out, come and join our next event in Stockholm, 28-30 April 2023

Early Bird Offer

Early Bird offer: Discount, Eleiko goodie bag and Northern Spirit voucher Buy your ticket for CC Stockholm before January 31st to receive a 500 SEK

Connect The Dots

You should create a system for gathering information from potential clients and you must design packages that help them. For lots of people, joining group classes is not even a goal. You should stop thinking of group training as the “ultimate end goal” for your clients.

Premium service facilities don´t give discounts!

When you run a business, it´s important to understand your market and to understand your own services. You seldom see premium brands giving discounts or giving things away for free, do you? The reason is, they don´t HAVE to because their brand, and their services/products are so strong that people are willing to pay for them.

Help More By Adding Personal Training

You need to understand and accept the role of being the expert. If you are comfortable in your belief that your services are great and that you know how to best help your clients, then it gets easy to say: ”based on your current status and your goals, this is what I recommend for you”

How to package your services

When you offer No Sweat Intros, you give your clients the best possible help and you also increase your revenue, IF you have packaged your services well and IF you offer PT and/or nutrition.

Taking Ownership In A Recession

There will always be things that you can control. You can always control your own behaviour and your own efforts, if your systems are good there is a high probability that you will keep succeeding even in harsh times.

Should you work with Class Pass?

Back in the days my gym Escapist CrossFit collaborated with one of the biggest providers on the market for gym access memberships. It was a

You should be progressing

as a business owner you should experience progress in certain areas. Your business should grow and evolve and your lifestyle should be improving. It that doesn´t happen, for how long do you think your business will be around?

D-A-CH BEST affiliates

This weekend I had the honour to give a small lecture/workshop at the CrossFit Affiliate gathering in Hamburg. Many of owners are our own islands

Don´t wait for the crisis

In case you have even been to one of the Coaches Congress events you might have noticed that a common theme, for many of the

Finding and hiring staff

One of the biggest mistakes I have done as a gym owner is in my process of finding and hiring coaches.  It took me about

Mentorship- the best shortcut

Six months ago, I invested in the Tinker Program that Two Brain Business offers. That investment was HUGE for me. It took some guts to press the button, trust me.

Three Reasons To Attend Coaches Congress

Take action on just one or two things from every event you attend and the return on investment is obvious.
Stronger network and more knowledge , combined with the right mindset, simply gives you the potential to speed up!

Killing time thieves Part 1

I am very good at multi-tasking. At least that is what I tell myself but when I look at the outcome it is obvious that

I want you to be able to choose

What kind of owner do you want to be? What kind of life do you want? What kind of opportunities do you want to give your staff? What kind of people do you want as members and how do you want to serve them?

Why I Am a Mentor

I am a mentor because I want to help gymowners let go of that mindset and realise their potential. I am a mentor because I want to CHALLENGE that mindset and those beliefs

Publish MORE!

The cost of NOT publishing more on media platforms can hardly be measured! Even if being active on social media “only” give you one more client per month, that is twelve clients per year. How many years have you been running your gym? You do the math on that…

You Should Be On Vacation Now

being a business owner also means that you should accept the responsibility to build a solid business. A business that would survive without your constant overwatch.

Podcast: Kaleda Connell CEO KILO

Kaleda Connell, CEO KILO IN this episode we meet Kaleda Connell who is the CEO of KILO but also a Two-Brain Mentor. She used to

Curious Not Furious

Only when you know WHY someone is resisting you can start helping them transition through the change process. Different individuals may have different reasons for resisting, it´s your job to find out.

Leading Through Change

“Leading Through Change” was my presentation at the Two Brain Summit this weekend. As a leader, you need to be aware of what emotions your

Coaches Congress 2022 Recap

RECAP – Coaches Congress 2022 Hi dear gym owners and coaches!  I made a video summary of the presentations at Coaches Congress 2022. Soon we

What are you changing?

It´s been a little more than a week since Coaches Congress. We all seem to agree that this year´s event was the best so far.

How to make a change

Back to reality and back to life changing business. We need to keep motivation up! It is easy to get overwhelmed when we come home

How to get more leads

How to get more leads The fuel of a microgym is sales and to make a sale you will need a lead, someone who has

Raising Prices

Raising Prices Price rises for small businesses are a sensitive subject. I run a micro gym myself, where we get to know our members very

How to find coaches

In the last post here on Coaches Congress I wrote about that you need to stop cleaning your toilets and preferably get someone else to

Stop cleaning your toilets

In one of the classical quotes of Greg Glassman he said that you can distinguish how well a gym is doing by looking how clean

Business running you? Track Metrics

One thing that made micro-gyms so unique and successful was not because they had new machines or movements never seen before. No the biggest difference

Two Brain Business as Title Sponsors

We are proud and honoured that the world´s largest mentoring business in the fitness industry, Two Brain Business, has chosen to be Title Sponsors to


Gymägardagboken är tillbaka efter sommaruppehållet! Veckans avsnitt av Gymägardagboken handlar om “Online Presence” för oss på CrossFit 162 West Är detta något som ni behöver


Denna veckas avsnitt av Gymägardagboken innehåller en liten djupdykning i hur målsamtal går till. Målsamtal är ett av de viktigaste verktygen du kan ta till


I veckans avsnitt av Gymägardagboken sammanfattar Per vad han gjort med personalen den senaste veckan. Det är relaterat till Client Journey och hur vi arbetar


Denna veckas avsnitt av Gymägardagboken handlar om “Client Journey”. Kundens samlade erfarenhet och upplevelse av er verksamhet. Det är av stor vikt att du som


Idag är Gymägardagboken ett avsnitt från 162-podden! Christopher Thynne pratar med Per Mattsson om träning för barn och ungdomar ur ett skolpedagogiskt perspektiv. Avsnittet kommer

Gymägardagboken: Byt ut dig själv

Fredag och dags för ännu ett avsnitt av Gymägardagboken! I detta avsnitt pratar jag återigen om vikten av att våga anställa. Detta i sin tur

Owner Lifestyle

Denna intervju publicerade vi senast i September 2020 och den är värd att se igen. Anders och Jamina Gatti, på Gatti Training, har gjort rekordmånad

Gymägardagboken: Två sidor av service

Fredag och dags för ytterligare ett avsnitt av Gymägardagboken. En serie filmklipp som ger dig kunskap och inspiration kring din affärsverksamhet. Idag handlar det om

Gymägardagboken: Målsamtal

I detta avsnitt av Gymägardagboken pratar Per om MÅLSAMTAL. Målsamtal är en viktig framgångsfaktor på många sätt, i filmen får du mer information.

Gymägardagboken: Feedback

Peer feedback-kollegial feedback. Ett kraftfullt verktyg för att öka sammanhållningen och lärandet i en grupp. Det fungerar i skolan, det fungerar i idrottslag och det

Client Journey

Understanding the customer’s needs Every client experience our services in a unique way. Whether it be a 90 day process, personal training, nutrition coaching, starting

Gymägardagboken: Seed Clients

Dagens avsnitt handlar om något som har potentialen att totalt förändra ditt gym! Seed Clients! Lär dig att verkligen ta reda på vilka dina Seed

Gymägardagboken: Personalutveckling

I det här första avsnittet 2021 pratar jag om vår personalutvecklingsplan. Detta är något som jag kommer att behandla mer i detalj framöver. Vad har

Recapturing clients

Take a guess: who is most likely to buy your services? If you guessed: ”Our excisting clients” you were right! The ones who are most

Konsten att upprepa samma misstag

Föreläsaren på scenen var mitt uppe i en inspirerande dragning av den nya läroplanen och vi var ett par hundra i publiken, både skolledare och

Gymägardagboken: Rutiner och manualer

I veckans filmklipp handlar det om rutiner och manualer. Vi kallar dem SOP:er från engelskans “Standard Operating Procedures”. När saker och ting dokumenteras och standardiseras

Mer än ett vanligt gym?

Nu slår Coronarestriktioner hårt i många branscher, så även mot våra microgym. Även om gym formellt inte omfattas av de nya restriktionerna så står det

Årsplan del 2

Del 2 om “Årsplan”. Som ägare behöver du såklart ha både en långsiktig och en kortsiktig plan för hur gymet ska utvecklas och skötas. I

“Not in it for the money”

Have you ever looked down at a construction worker for doing his job for money? Did you ever spend a thought about whether a car

Social Media

This is a “bonus episode” from my “gym owner´s diary” on CrossFit 162 West´s Youtube channel. I talk about social media and how we use

Vad jag lärt mig under 2020

Som mentor inom Two Brain Business har jag på nära håll följt hundratals gym som blivit tvungna att hela stänga ner sina verksamheter. Jag och

Gymägardagboken: Bonusavsnitt

Dagens filmklipp är ett bonusavsnitt av “gymägardagboken” där Per berättar om hur han arbetar med individuell coaching av personal.

Diary of a gym owner

Here is the latest video blog/video diary. Profit First and Annual Plan

Are you even trying?

You have definitely ran into a couple of clients that have real problems following your advice. They come to your gym and they tell you

Be aware of your inner cheerleader

Coaching is done on invidivual level. You want to be active in teaching, showing, correcting and encouraging and you want to be relentless in your

Hur vi lyckas med personlig träning

Ett kort filmklipp där Per Mattsson berättar om två nyckelfaktorer bakom försäljningen av personlig träning på CrossFit 162 West

Vision and mission

What is your WHY? What is the reason you run a gym? What kind of footprint is it that you want to leave? Do you

Six weeks away!

There are about six weeks left to Coaches Congress 2020! We are expecting visitors from different parts of Europe and lecturers from all over the

Create content and establish expertise

Everything you take for granted is probably valuable information for your potential clients As gymowners and coaches, it is very easy to underestimate our knowledge

Only the dead fish follow the stream

Premium service facilities don´t have to give “Black Friday Deals”! When you run a business, it´s important to understand your market and to understand your

More equipment or more leadership?

Honestly now, what do you think your coaches and your members would benefit more from in the long run; You investing in your own leadership

Ha koll på rätt statistik

Detta inlägg kommer att bli ett av mina ”kaxigaste” hittills. ”Kaxigt” för att jag kommer att vara ovanligt tydlig i mina rekommendationer och tips för

One on One with my staff

In one of the gyms that I am the co-owner of, I am “responsible for staff”. That means that I am responsible for their development,

I want you to be able to choose!

Last year, at Coaches Congress, we had a couple of mentors from Two Brain Business as presenters. Some of the topics they covered were “Owner´s

Don´t be like that client

Have you ever felt frustrated about a client/member who simply don´t follow our advice? That person who might even have been a member at your

Building a system that works

Connect the dots You may have seen the different blog posts that I´ve posted recently? You may also have attended Coaches Congress once or even

How to package your services

What happens if someone walks into your gym looking for personal training? Do you offer PT in your gym? What happens if someone walks into

The Client Success Manager

If you´ve read Mike Michalowicz´s book “Clockwork”, which you should, you are familiar with the term “Queen Bee Function” or “Queen Bee Role”. He defines

One on one with my staff

As a mentor in Two Brain Business I constantly try helping gym owners to prioritize their workdays so that they spend as much time as

Meaningful careers for coaches

One of the driving factors behind Coaches Congress is that we want to help create meaningful lives and careers for owners and coaches. We are

More on tough conversations

Here is a link to Two Brain Business Website where an article from Per Mattsson was published!  

Remember your best ideas!

I have always been a person with lots of ideas. Sometimes I guess that´s a bit overwhelming for my business partners and also for my

Dreading the tough talks?

At the Two Brain Business summit, all the mentors were put in front of a camera and interviewed about our ”superpowers as a mentor”. My