Meet the team

Behind the scenes of Coaches Congress is a fantastic team of hard-working, dedicated and caring people. This team, along with incredible volunteers during the event days, work hard to make sure that each event gives all attendees a boost in their self development and business.

The Team that makes it happen

Per Mattsson
Rickard Björnekärr
Henrik Almers
Heather Almers

Per Mattsson, founder of Coaches Congress, co-owns several CrossFit boxes in Sweden. He has been active in CrossFit since 2009, and from early on he got involved in questions regarding the development of the community.

He realised that it was not only about liking to workout when trying to create a solid company for himself, his coaches, and members. By hosting Coaches Congress, Per wanted to create a platform for coaches and owners to develop and learn more.

Per is also a highly regarded TwoBrain Business mentor.

In 2018 Henrik Almers partnered with Per in order to continue to develop Coaches Congress further. Henrik is a co-owner of the Spanish based coaching business “You. Just Stronger”, an OPEX ambassador, and has many years of experience starting up and operating businesses in the travel, tourism, and leisure industry. Henrik is an entrepreneur that contributes with his vast business, marketing and sales knowledge.

Henrik is the CEO for Coaches Congress. 

Berlin-based Rickard Björnekärr joined the team in 2022 to further the goal of growing Coaches Congress internationally, starting in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. He is in charge of the set up and operations of the event in Berlin that is run in December. 

Rickard is a gym owner of Escapist CrossFit and is a Two-Brain mentor.  

Heather Almers officially joined in 2023, although she has been working behind the scenes since 2018. She is an OPEX coach, and co-owner of a coaching business in Spain. Having run her own tour operator business for nearly 20 years, Heather applies her knowledge to help with the logistics and planning of the event.